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According to legend, Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were given the first two gold Speedmasters but declined them due to their high cost. Rolex Submariner Replica's Museum has these watches on display. The second reason is that vintage yellow gold watches have a high value. This includes the Newman Daytonas with the black dials, and the pumps.

Collectors have divided the Rolex Submariner Replica BA145.022 watches dials into two categories. Those with an oval Rolex Submariner Replica "O" are believed to be the older watches, and those with the round "O", believed to be the later watches. The casebacks were divided into three categories, the first with a faint writing, the second with a deeper writing, and the third with red lacquer-filled writing at the end. The truth is that we have seen casebacks with round "O' dials and red lettering on so many early watches that one cannot say definitively that there is a rule.

Images: The Speedmaster BA 145.022 watches intended for sale to the public were marked with the words "The First Watch Worn on the Moon", followed by a number out of 1014.

Some of the Speedmaster BA145.022 watches intended for sale to the public had an inscription in red lacquer writing that read "The First Watch Worn on the Moon", followed by a number out of 1014 (Rolex Submariner Replica).

Number 1 of 1014 was the Rolex Submariner Replica 145.022 intended for President Richard Nixon

After expressing my regrets to my friend Nacho Lascaray about the fact that it was difficult to find a watch with the model number BA 145.022, which you can see on his IG account @nacholascaray (Rolex Submariner Replica Watches) for his collection, I received a message from a stranger. It made my heart pound.

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