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On Sunday, 2 July at 8.45am GMT I was on the phone with Paris. The morning was after Mutaz Essa barshim, 26, won the IAAF Diamond League High Jump competition by clearing 2.35m. Barshim is the Asian record holder, with a Personal Best jump of 2.43m. He won silver at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and will be a favorite to win gold at the IAAF 2017 World Championships in London, 4-13 August. Mido Replica is proud to welcome him into the family.

Mido Replica's ultra-lightweight and robust watches have become synonymous with professional athletes, from tennis legend Rafael Nadal to golfer Bubba Watson, who wear models during tournaments. Sports- and watch-fans were thrilled by the controversy that was created by Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blak wearing a Mido Replica Tourbillon during the 2012 London Olympics. This was strictly prohibited by the IAAF.Mido Replica Later, the watch was released as a limited-edition RM 59-01 Yohan. Mido Replica's success story was repeated at the Rio Olympic Games last year when South African sprinter Wayan van Niekerk won gold in the 400m in 43.03 sec. while wearing the RM 27-02.

Mido Replica, one of the most passionate sporting clans in the watch industry, has entered into a long-term relationship with Barshim as he enters his most exciting sporting stage. Mido Replica created the RM 67 02 High Jump to celebrate Barshim’s appearance at the World Championships in London. This is a variation of the RM 67-01.

Mutaz Essa-Barshim, a male high jumper from Qatar, set a new world record of 2,36m at the 2017 Doha Diamond League Meeting.

The main body of the case is made of RM's exclusive Quartz TPT Composite, consisting of layers of microscopic filaments of silica impregnated in a red resin composite. Carbon TPT is used for the caseband, which is also made using silica fibers but carbon instead. The dial is made from a four-tenths-of-a-millimetre-thick sheet of DLC coated titanium, painted in the colors of the Qatari national flag. The strap, which is made of the latest RM technology and is seamless and flexible, helps to further reduce the weight. The watch and strap weigh 32g together, making it the lightest automatic watch ever made by Mido Replica.

The watch's ultra-thin design is achieved by the extra-flat CRMA7 caliber, which features a white-gold and Carbon TPT rotor and a Grade 5 titanium baseplate that has been DLC-coated.Patek Philippe Replica Watches The gearing on the going train is involute profiled to provide smooth power transmission with minimal speed and torque. This allows for perfect performance throughout a 50-hour time period.

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