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How do you focus on the race when there are so many people around?

Just try to stay cool. My coach helps me to keep my feet firmly on the ground. I enjoy meeting new people, traveling, and seeing things, but I also love my coach's advice. He reminds me to focus and to ignore the excitement that is around me. We are in constant communication and I always listen to him.

Your father was both an athlete and coach. Has he had a major impact on you?

My father was the one who inspired me to start in athletics. He was a middle distance runner, and he brought me to the track as a child. It was great. As a child, I watched him on television and it was incredible. It was then that I decided to become an athlete. My father has always supported me.fake watches I wanted to give him a different experience. When I was 12, I began training. At first, I did it to get out of school, but at 16, I took it more seriously.

You sound like a multi-sport athlete. When did you realize you could jump high?

At 17, I had everything come together. I qualified for the World Indoor Championships by jumping 2.09m. After graduating, I began to focus on sports professionally. When my coach saw me dunking basketballs in the court, he said that he thought I could reach 2.30m. I was a little skeptical, but I began training and won the IAAF World U20Championships three months later. That was my breakthrough moment.

What is your current form and what can you expect in London, August?

We are on track. My coach is happy with how I'm training.Omega Deville Replica Watches I am confident. In London, I'm going to try to set records and jump the highest. The pressure and challenge is what I thrive on. It makes me jump higher and work harder.

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